| Atlas Shrugged Part II: Soundtrack (CD)
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Atlas Shrugged Part II: Soundtrack (CD)

Price: $8.95

Inspire yourself with the official Atlas Shrugged Part 2 movie soundtrack. The 23 all new moving tracks include the music that accompanied Ken Danagger going on strike and Dagny Taggart seeing John Galt for the first time.

If your ears still yearn for more, the soundtrack for Atlas Shrugged Part 1 and the soundtrack for Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt? are available.

Track List:
In The Near Future 2:40
Train Station 1:14
Kill the 93 1:22
Halley's Finale 0:43
Daniels Examines Motor 2:38
Dagny and Hank 2:01
Danagger Quits 2:22
Find the Mind That Created This 3:09
Not A Martyr 2:51
Dismantling the John Galt Line 2:38
Directive 10-289 2:45
Here Lies My Country 1:40
Checking Out 2:21
Dagny's Cabin 1:26
The Disabled 22 2:10
Tunnel Collision 3:36
Dagny Returns 1:55
Everything With Wheels Rolls 1:45
I'm Taking the Train 2:28
Daniels Quits 1:59
The Chase 2:52
Plane Crash 1:13
I Am John Galt 2:24