| Official Atlas Shrugged Now, Non-Fiction Travel Mug
For Free Market Capitalists &
Fans of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged!

Official Atlas Shrugged Now, Non-Fiction Travel Mug

Price: $19.95

More than 50 years ago when Ayn Rand wrote Atlas Shrugged, it was a warning. The novel is fiction, but it depicts a world spinning out of control, plagued by soaring government spending, crippling regulations, and ever-increasing assaults on individual liberty. And this was in 1957! Is Atlas Shrugged fiction? Or is it now, non-fiction?

This matte black travel mug will start a conversation...and maybe even a revolution. Plus, thanks to the double walls and insulation, your beverages will always stay at the right temperature. The threaded snap-fit lid seals tight because the Producer on the go doesn’t have time for messy spills.

Now, Non-Fiction Travel Mug Details:

14 oz double wall 18/8 stainless steel tumbler
Foam insulated
Threaded snap-fit lid