| Galt's Gulch (Sunrise) - Full-Color Crewneck Sweatshirt
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Galt's Gulch (Sunrise) - Full-Color Crewneck Sweatshirt

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A Note About Our New Full-Color Printing

The process for creating these full-color designs is actually the same as the overwhelming majority of the logos that we have offered for many years, but now with the new ability to print in multiple colors instead of only being able to print single-color logos. This allows us to have much more detail than in the past, which is great! Now that the design is commonly a larger contiguous area on the apparel, some people may perceive that the design feels "thicker". Although it is in fact no thicker or otherwise different than our previous logos, we want to make you aware that this is an impression that some (but not all) people notice personally. We are very happy with this new full-color printing, but if you feel that you would be sensitive to this type of potential issue, you may want to consider our extensive line of single-color logos.


Product Information

  • Medium weight
  • Standard fit
  • 50/50 cotton/poly blend


For width, measure under arms around the fullest part of the chest. Be sure to keep tape level across back and comfortably loose. For length, measure from the top of the shoulder. Sleeve length is standard, with a ribbed cuff.

  • Small: 34-36" chest | 28" length
  • Medium: 38-40" chest | 29" length
  • Large: 42-44" chest | 30" length
  • XL: 46-48" chest | 31" length
  • 2XL: 50-52" chest | 32" length
  • 3XL: 54-56" chest | 33" length
  • 4XL: 58-60" chest | 34" length
  • 5XL: 62-64" chest | 35" length