| Special Edition Atlas Shrugged Trilogy DVD Box Set
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Special Edition Atlas Shrugged Trilogy DVD Box Set
Special Edition Atlas Shrugged Trilogy DVD Box Set
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Now you can see the Atlas Shrugged trilogy from beginning to end. Follow along with Dagny on her quest to find the “destroyer” and solve the mystery of “Who is John Galt?” once and for all with the Atlas Shrugged trilogy box set.

What better way is there to celebrate Ayn Rand’s prescient novel, Atlas Shrugged, finally making it to the silver screen 50+ years after it was published. Find out why Ayn Rand is still one of the most influential political and philosophical thinkers in the last 100 years.

The special edition Atlas Shrugged DVD trilogy box set includes all three movies in their own individual DVD case. They are assembled in a custom printed sleeve to be beautifully displayed in your video library collection.

The region icon on the back of the disc cases say "ALL" and "NTSC".

Collection Includes:

Atlas Shrugged Part I: Atlas Productions Special Edition DVD (1 Disc)
Atlas Shrugged Part II: 2-Disc Special Edition DVD (2 Discs)
Atlas Shrugged Part III: 2-Disc Special Edition DVD (2 Discs)
Exclusive Features Include:

"I am John Galt." fan video compilation (35:06)
"The John Galt Theme" slideshow (3:17)
"The Road to Atlas" with John Aglialoro
Special commentary with Producers John Aglialoro & Harmon Kaslow, and Screenwriter Brian O'Toole
"Atlas" by Nomad slideshow
Behind the Scenes featurette (ASP2)
Atlas Shrugged Part 2 Premiere with:
Matt Kibbe
Grover Norquist
Jonathan Hoenig
Phil Valentine
John Fund
Film Cell Slide Show
Theatrical Trailer 1 (ASP2)
Theatrical Trailer 2 (ASP2)
Atlas Shrugged: "Now Non-Fiction"
Eric Allan Kramer on Ragnar Danneskjold
One the set with Kristoffer Polaha
Meet the villains of SSI
Joan Carter on Dagny Taggart
On the set with Students for Liberty
Dominic Daniel on Eddie Willers
On the set with Kickstarter Contributors