| We the Living (75th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) [Paperback]
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We the Living (75th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) [Paperback]
We the Living (75th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) [Paperback]
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All Kira Arganouva wants to do is become an engineer. If only she wasn’t living in post-revolutionary Russia. In Ayn Rand’s We the Living when Kira and her family return to Petrograd to find her father’s textile factory nationalized and their home seized, they move in with her Aunt and resign themselves to suffering--except Kira who manages to enroll herself in the Technological Institute in pursuit of her dream.

While studying, Kira meets the two men that change her life. Andrei Taganov is a fellow student, idealistic Communist, and a member of the Soviet Union’s secret police. Leo Kovalensky is Kira’s spiritual match who she falls in love with during a chance encounter. As relationships of different kinds develop with both men, Kira fights the state and herself to live as her heart desires.

We the Living is Ayn Rand’s first novel and the only one that draws upon her youth in Russia. It is the harrowing tale of a young heroine struggling to soar in a stifling society that causes her friends and family to fade away. As Kira navigates the law and her relationships, she will inspire and shock you up to and during We the Living’s unforgettable conclusion.

Page count: 464 pages