| The Romantic Manifesto [Paperback]
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The Romantic Manifesto [Paperback]

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If there is one guide to style for an artist or fan to have, Ayn Rand’s The Romantic Manifesto is it. A collection of essays on the nature of art, many of the writings first appeared in The Objectivist but are collected here for ease for reference. In them Rand explains her philosophy of literature specifically and art in general.

The Romantic Manifesto is, as the title suggests, a celebration of Romanticism. However, it delves much deeper into the issues than a mere ode. Based on the idea that your work will always have your values in it, whether you try to instill them or not, Ayn Rand gives you the lens through which to approach your own creative process or to view the creative products of others. And while The Romantic Manifesto may be some of Ayn Rand’s least political philosophical writing, it is certainly not her least controversial as she heavily critiques the popular styles of Naturalism and Modernism.

Page count: 208 pages