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Atlas Shrugged [Paperback]

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Who is John Galt? Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged famously asks the question in its first line, and that’s not the only mystery the novel contains. Dagny Taggart is the Operating Vice President of her family’s railroad Taggart Transcontinental and can’t understand how her brother James, the railroad’s President, conducts business. Hank Rearden, the founder and owner of Rearden Steel, can discover how to make a new revolutionary metal yet can’t figure out how to get along with his family. And why are the world’s greatest men vanishing?

As Dagny and Hank struggle to keep their companies afloat in a stagnating country, they seek the reason the rest of the world is trying to tear them down and the Destroyer who is sweeping up the men of mind. As each great industrialist goes on strike, the pair takes more and more on their shoulders until it seems as if they might collapse from bearing the weight of the world.

The world in Atlas Shrugged is on the brink of collapses and demands a hero to sacrifice. Dagny and Hank’s refusal to be that offering to the public good is what propels them to discover the answer to the question Who is John Galt and the truth it contains. Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged is the story of the role of man’s mind in existence and what happens when you remove it.