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Miniature Ayn Rand Book Earrings
These tiny, adorable books make for super unique earrings! This would make a great gift for yourself, or anyone who loves Ayn Rand!

These earrings are made from dollhouse miniature books, and are available with covers for The Fountainhead, Anthem, or Atlas Shrugged. The spines and the backs are actually part of the vintage covers as well. They even have itty bitty barcodes on the backs!

The books have 30 or so blank, usable pages. They measure about 3/4" all around.. The covers are secure, although not waterproof, so please do not shower or swim with them! The earrings fit standard size piercings, and from top to bottom hang down right at an inch long. They are INCREDIBLY light weight.
Price: $18.00
Dollar Sign Earrings

Price: $7.00
Dollar Sign Lapel Pin
Dollar sign lapel pin, 3/4" tall. Pin back is a metal butterfly clutch.

Buy 10 or more for $5 each
Price: $6.00
Atlas Earrings

Price: $8.00